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NeckHealth™ Neck Massager

NeckHealth™ Neck Massager

NeckHealth™ Neck Massager

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Do you have neck pain? Is your neck pain interfering with your work? 

Neck pain ranks in the top 5 disorders in the United States!

Our neck massager can help to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. If you're stressed or just need to unwind, our heat and pulsing neck massager will help you relax.

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Our neck massager simulates real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder tiredness, body tension, improve sleep quality and promotes blood circulation. Gently wet the neck area where the two metal pads contact for better result.


Neck Massager Built-in new thermostat, which can precisely control the temperature to avoid excessive heat. 107 Fahrenheit warmly penetrates neck skin, give you the most comfortable neck relaxation.


Use the remote to change modes, as well as 15 different intensity levels. Choose the most suitable mode you need to reduce neck muscle pain or body tension.


This neck massager with breathable soft silicone adopts ergonomic design, high-elastic frame technology, intelligent 4D suspension design and 4-point fixed design to fit your neck better. With the unique headphone style, our neck massager adopts exquisite and lightweight design. Its weight makes it also suitable for commute, shopping, etc.


This neck massager uses electric pulse therapy. Make sure to follow the how to use instructions for the best experience!

Who is it for?

The short answer, everyone!

Anyone who wants to feel and look better, have more energy, and eliminate the serious problems associated with poor neck postures.

Your neck stabilizer muscles really are that important!

Our neck massager is not a magical cure-all, but it is an essential tool in correcting one of the worst problems in modern life: poor neck posture leading to dozens of undiagnosed problems.

With any exercise device, please consult a qualified chiropractor or doctor if you've had a neck injury or have any issues with your spine.

People who spend more than 30 minutes a day looking down at cellphones and other electronic devices can greatly benefit from NeckHealth.

Contact sports players who need to strengthen their necks to prevent whiplash and concussion.

Nursing women often end up with severe neck pain, headaches, and other problems due to constantly looking down at their baby. NeckHealth can help you feel better and even give you more energy by preventing fatigue associated with neck strain. Follow best practices for ergonomically nursing and use NeckHealth to restore your posture.

Anyone with back and neck pain due to poor posture.

How to use?

Before you begin to use our massager, make sure to wipe the neck and the two metal pads with wet washcloth.

1. Hold on the power button for three seconds and it will begin to work

2. Press the remote control + button to adjust the strength and massage mode. If you change the mode, the strength will reset to default 0.

The product is not to be used in case of metal particles or pacemakers within your body!